Pee & Pi

1/100, f/2.5, ISO 200

In order to get our alien registration cards, Julie and I spent the morning at the hospital, to prove we have neither AIDS nor TB, and have not used marijuana in the past month.

We went from room to room measuring our weight/height, testing our lack of colour blindness, testing our hearing, peeing in cups (hence the “pee”), getting our blood drawn (“blood” in Korean is “pi”), taking chest x-rays and amazing Korean doctors with our ability to tell bad jokes in a foreign language.

The highlight of the morning? Attempting to take the terribly translated and oh-so-comical health survey and making the necessary corrections before handing it back in (Once a teacher, always a teacher).

Answer “rare,” “frequently,” “sometimes,” or “almost:”

It seemed my surrounding treat me cold.

I cannot even conceive the idea of doing.

I’ve been no stomach for sweets and lost my appetite.

(Check my flickr photos to see complete questionnaire)