OJ gets revenge

Upon arriving home yesterday after the weekly Monday supermarket trip, it came to my attention that my orange juice was open.

Seal broken, inner lining pushed in.

Two out of three friends asked, said not to take my chances.

When I returned to the market today, they exchanged my juices graciously, after scrutinizing each sealed cap.

Once again, upon arriving home, I broke the seal on my new OJ carton, only to realize that the inner lining was still pushed in.

Uh-oh. This is how they come. Perhaps in a dazed state of mind, I did in fact, unseal yesterday’s OJ before opening. I have begun to question my sanity.

Not to fret, OJ got his revenge (Yes, OJ is masculine).

While making breakfast for dinner, I turned around, cutting board in hand, and knocked a full glass of juice over, covering the counter, floor and unfortunately, my bed sheets. (For those of you not in SoKo, we Korean expats live in a “one-room,” therefore, it makes complete sense that my bed is next to my kitchen counter).

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