30 to go

This is my 335th post.

That means I have 30 remaining posts before my year of “a photo a day” is complete.

This makes my mom sad.

For my last 30 days, however, I’ve decided (inspired by: this) to everyday write down three new things I’m grateful for (30 day challenge obsession continues…).  I’ll start today and finish on my 365th post.

So, here goes.

1. La Poderosa.
I can’t imagine life without my scooter and I really don’t know how I got on without one during my other three years of Korean expat life. La Poderosa offers me the opportunity to risk my life on a daily basis (which I love) as well as do what I want when I want to.

2. Friends.
I feel so fortunate everyday that I’ve made such amazing friends in Busan. Not only are they just Busan friends, but lifetime besties. I can’t wait for our future adventures.

3. Thursdays
Even though I’m working overtime, and my MWF are stacked, my Thursdays keep me sane. An early finish allows me the time for myself that I don’t have on any other day; checking off the check list, enjoying the sunshine, having me time.