A Friday in two parts

A slow morning, thanks to the red wine last night at bowling league. Snake eyes. Boom.

But what can possibly bring one out of a hangover reverie?
A field trip to the toy museum, of course.

This place was huge. And amazing. The only disappointment was jumping into the ball pit to hit rock bottom and find it was only 1.5 feet deep.

But, I suppose, it is after all designed for children, and who wants a suffocating child in a brightly colored ball pit. Nobody.


And then. On to Seomyeon….

Typical Friday night in Seomyeon, one can expect to find the following:

1. Stumbling drunks, supported by the wall with occasional stops for puking.
2. Drinking, smoking fathers working hard to get the Angry Bird stuffed animal from out of the vending machine (designed to purposefully drop the toy at the last minute).
3. Women covertly dropping flyers on the ground of other half-naked women to promote the bar around the corner.
4. A protest against the USA and the FTA
5. A line of late-teens awaiting entrance to a booking club.
6.  Children running through the streets after midnight while parents have another round of makkoli.
7. Men proving their strength and manhood by punching a canvas pillow on a spring.
8. Ajumas dozing off at their jewelry and juice kiosks.
9. Ajoshes “blaming it on the boogie” in the window of a 4th floor 노래방 (singing room).
10.  The flashing flashy oh-so-bright lights that characterize Asia.