A lucky but sad story regarding La Poderosa III

As I pulled into the vicinity of my apartment building, La Poderosa III huffed and puffed and drew her last breath of air.

1/40, f/1.8, ISO 800

That’s the lucky part; the desired location of motorbike death being as close as possible to home on a rainy night.

The sad part, being the her last breath. Hopefully it’s not forever.

A few mornings ago, I stepped outside to find La (not so powerful anymore) Poderosa III on her side, knocked into the bike racks. I picked her up, dusted her off, snapped some pieces back into place and she seemed to run fine…

Until I pulled up to a stop light. And the next one after that. And after that.

When idle, she died. Just like that, on her own, she died.

I knew I had to bring her in to the 오토바이병원 (scooter hospital) as soon as possible. But today I was busy. So on my way home, she died in an intersection. Started again. Died going up the bridge. Started again.

Making the last turn into my apartment block, she died again. This time for good.

I pushed her the last 50 meters into her spot, nestled under the tree and blew good wishes her way.

Please please please please please start tomorrow so I don’t have to push you all the way to the mechanic, Poderosita!