I am fortunate enough to say that I have never struggled with an eating disorder.

However, this week I feel as though I’ve become an accidental anorexic.

As the school usually provides lunch everyday, I don’t come prepared with a sack lunch in a brown paper bag. I should have.

I assume it’s nearing the end of the month for the school’s food budget, and therefore, mixing in every last scrap left to be found between the shelves of the refrigerator.  Mostly it’s something to do with the sea, or contains seafood flavoring.

For example, they often destroy a beautiful tofu dish, by adding octopus tentacles. And with some sort of sauce, making it impossible to pick out the tentacles and carry on with the tofu.

If lunch is not good, we’ll usually pop over to the Paris baguette and grab a quick somethin’ somethin.’

There’s only so many iceberg lettuce salads and croissant sandwiches one can stomach, however.