Back on the saddle

Just over three months of my blogging hiatus, I’m back.

Back on the last day of my life to wear contact lenses.
Tomorrow begins one week of glasses only (minus the 8 hours of “teaching” swimming I’ll be doing this week), as one week from tomorrow at this time, my eyes will be freshly lasiked.

With the photo challenge finished, I took a deep breath away from blogging (a very deep breath) and it’s been nice. The stress of daily updates was far too much, particularly on a very mundane day of teaching the kindy’s and then frantically searching my apartment (again!) for something to shoot.

Now that pressure of a 365 photo challenge is over, the travel phase of the blog is soon to begin.

But first, a recap.

Over the last three months, I:

saw the sunrise at Angkor Wat
turned 30
learned new moves in a Nepalese dance-off
saw the live production of Wicked (which was still wicked even from the last row)
said goodbye to my favorite kindergarteners in Busan
went “sailing” and slept in the best shipyards Korea has to offer (just like Halong Bay)
moved to a new city (Seoul) to work at a month-long summer camp which ends in 6 days
have eaten cottage cheese. More than once (for those in the west, this sounds weird. For those in Asia, you know what I’m talkin’ about)
finally went to Cave Bar, but to my chagrin was a total disappointment
entered our BusanHaps video into a tourism contest (hopefully find out results soon)
got visas in my passport for Mother Russia and Father China
learned to read Cryllic
booked a one-way ticket on the slow boat to China (Qingdao, China’s beer capital)
Reunited over brunch in Seoul, Korea with someone I went to high school with in Colorado
slept in a temple with 3 besties and 2 Buddhist nuns (one Korean, one Czech)
carried 30 gallons of water up 200 stairs at 6am (only a slight exaggeration)
watched the Comfort Women of Korea protest in front of the Japanese embassy

Now, I’m ready for the travel.
On September 1, I say so long Korea.
It’s been good.