1/100, f/5, ISO 100

As previously stated, I bought a Pentax 35mm from a crotchety old man at the San Diego swap meet who clearly had no clue about the product he was selling.

I asked where to change the shutter speed. He pointed vaguely to somewhere on the body of the camera just before grunting about my indecisiveness and his desire to pack up and go.

I asked him if it needed a new battery. He grunted again and told me it was all there and ready to go. I bought it. I got bamboozled.

So today’s adventure took us around Denver, searching for a camera store that a) sold non-slide 35mm and b) could open the busted battery case which in fact carried no battery inside. Bamboozled, I was.

So camera chores complete, we stopped for burritos. Of course.