Buddha’s Delight

1/60, f/5.6, ISO 200

Crestone, a small southwestern Colorado town, has become a new age, spiritual center and a place for quiet refuge.

A friend of my mother’s owns a B&B in Crestone, nested against the base of Mt. Crestone, one of Colorado’s fourteeners.

Half way through a hike up through the San Luis Valley on the way to a Stupa, we came across a river detailed with Buddhist prayer flags and this small shrine. Bright, spiritual, beautiful.

One thought on “Buddha’s Delight

  1. Tiny, This blog is so crisp and clean looking. Good one! I love the layout. Your photos look real good, Tiny one. Reeeal good! I can’t wait to join forces and take over the creative world with you!!! Getting pretty deep for a Tuesday, huh. . .