ARGENTINA: Cost of Living (and how to get Dolar Blue)

I spent the first three months of the year in Argentina- mid January to mid April. I wanted to keep track of spending to have a better idea of what living there long term would look like. To do this, I used an app called Trail Wallet (not sponsored). The app is free for theContinue reading “ARGENTINA: Cost of Living (and how to get Dolar Blue)”

EDEN HOTEL: Did Hitler really come here?

In the middle of a small mountain town called La Falda, in the Sierras de Cordoba, is a partially abandoned hotel called Hotel Eden with myths of ghosts and rumors of Hitler visits. The hotel was built in the late 1800’s but sold after little success, in 1905, to a German couple, Walter and IdaContinue reading “EDEN HOTEL: Did Hitler really come here?”


For my last weekend in Cordoba, after 2 months here, I took a little road trip up to the Sierras with my local friends. Of course the journey involved mate, we are in Argentina after all. After a quick pitstop to eat empanadas with an incredible view, we continued on to La Falda. In LaContinue reading “LA CUMBRE”

GERMAN VILLAGES IN ARGENTINA: Two Days in Villa Belgrano & La Cumbrecita

Seventeen years ago I made a stop here on the way to Paraguay from Buenos Aires, with my friends Sarah and Arturo. Because it was so many years ago, it was hard to remember details, but once I got there, small memories started popping up, and several places felt very familiar. Everything was new yetContinue reading “GERMAN VILLAGES IN ARGENTINA: Two Days in Villa Belgrano & La Cumbrecita”

CORDOBA CAPITAL: Local Suggestions

Usually when you come to a city, you get to know the city first, make a life, and then with time, make friends. For me in Cordoba, the experience was the opposite. I already had a good friend here, which is the reason I came to Cordoba, and he opened his world of friends toContinue reading “CORDOBA CAPITAL: Local Suggestions”

Tren de las Sierras

Cordoba is known in Argentina for its proximity to nature. Las Sierras. Cumbrecita. Villa Belgrano. People travel to Buenos Aires for city life, Mar de Plata for the sea, and Cordoba for the mountains. While Cordoba Capital has a lot to offer, the surrounding nature is the real draw to the area. It’s easily accessible,Continue reading “Tren de las Sierras”


Buenos Aires. I was just 23 when we first met. I knew I loved you right away, but I had no idea how much you would affect the rest of my life.  I thought I knew everything then. You were one of the first foreign cities I lived in. The beginning was hard, but youContinue reading “A LOVE LETTER TO BUENOS AIRES”

What to do for FREE in Buenos Aires

The capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires, is a massive city of nearly 3 million inhabitants, and contains several different and unique neighborhoods within its city limits. If you’re coming to Buenos Aires for the first time you might feel a bit overwhelmed with where to start, and what to see and do. So why notContinue reading “What to do for FREE in Buenos Aires”

Carlos Paz: is it worth it?

I arrived to Cordoba Capital last week. The capital city of the province of Cordoba. Cordoba is known to be one of the most beautiful provinces of Argentina, with mountains, rivers, lakes, and nature galore. I’m staying temporarily with the mother of a good friend of mine, Franco, who I met 17 years ago inContinue reading “Carlos Paz: is it worth it?”

Read This Before Coming to Buenos Aires

I lived in Buenos Aires in 2005. At that time, I paid 360 pesos a month for rent. I made 10-20 pesos an hour teaching English. A cafe con leche con tres media lunas (the standard Porteño breakfast) was 3 pesos; 5 pesos in the fancy parts of town. A lot has changed since then!Continue reading “Read This Before Coming to Buenos Aires”