My First Home Away From Home

After twelve years away, I returned to the first place I lived abroad, the first time I went abroad, where I studied abroad: Sevilla, España. My train arrived late, at nearly midnight, and as I walked through the dark streets of this city, the first of many foreign cities I would eventually call home, IContinue reading “My First Home Away From Home”

Nugget of Peace

Castellon de la Plana. That place in Spain you’ve never heard of. A thirty minute bus ride to the Mediterranean coast, and where if you go just a little bit further, you’ll find Voramar, a little place frequented by Ernest Hemingway in the 1930’s; inspired by the calm waves and the white sand, it’s entirelyContinue reading “Nugget of Peace”

Barcelona a muerte

Barcelona passed by quickly in a blur of admiring Gaudi, sitting in plazas, eating tapas, cañas en plazas, copas en casa, hiking en las montañas, meeting new friends, catching up with dear old friends- one of which I hadn’t seen since my time as a study abroad student in Sevilla 12 years ago- when heContinue reading “Barcelona a muerte”


Fourth time in Amsterdam, four days in Amsterdam. Four rainy days, four lazy days. Journal writing, photo posting, museum viewing, casual bike riding- sometimes in the rain, sometimes not. Highlight: Buraka A kickass, African Beat inspired band from Portugal who put on a show like none other. Down to Earth, they allowed us up onContinue reading “Amsterdammit”