Koreatown, Toronto

I lived in Busan, South Korea three different times, for a total of four years. It’s the most I’ve ever lived in one place since I was seventeen. And that makes Korea close to my heart. There is so much I love and miss about South Korea- the Kimbap Chunguk’s (a small chain restaurant with … More Koreatown, Toronto

Boulder Under Water

Boulder is flooding. “Flash Flood Imminent, get to higher ground” warnings the past 4 days in a row. Sirens, rushing waters, rain without end. Businesses closed, CU closed, work canceled. Last night we let displaced evacuated strangers sleep in our living room. This morning they made it back home, but returned with a box of … More Boulder Under Water

abc gum

Intriguing, right? It kind of makes you want to see who’s behind this act of brilliance, right? So I did. So here’s Claire. I think she’s a part time nudist.

Bless You

Everybody’s sneezing. This is why. This is not snow in June. It’s cotton. A lot of it. Covering the sidewalks, painting the air.