A Weekend in LA

The last time I went to LA was in 2007. Pre-smart phones, pre-Uber, pre-apps. Somehow I looked up all the buses to take me to all the tourist attractions. I had seen the Chinese Theatre, the Hollywood star walk, Rodeo Drive, Santa Monica Pier. This time, I had two goals: Hike to the Hollywood signContinue reading “A Weekend in LA”

Road Trip to Birmingham, AL

I drove with my friend Kellie from Huntsville to Birmingham, Alabama. Any time I mentioned I was coming to Alabama, the response I got was “why?” Kellie is why. Kellie was my roommate our freshman year at UNC Greeley, in Colorado. Kellie and I weren’t meant to be roommates actually. We both got assigned toContinue reading “Road Trip to Birmingham, AL”


I grew up in Lafayette, Colorado, a small-medium sized town in the east of Boulder County, and according to my friends and me- a very uncool town. Lafayette was like the lame little sister to Louisville, the next town over, who always wanted to tag along. When Louisville started becoming more hip and was votedContinue reading “LAFAYETTE, COLORADO BREWERY TOUR”

Pros of Living in the US

Last time I wrote about the cons of living in the United States, so this week it’s only fair I wrote about the pros. Having been back in the US now for one month, these are the things I am enjoying, and remembering that I enjoy. UNDERSTANDING EVERYTHING I mentioned this same topic in theContinue reading “Pros of Living in the US”

Cons of Returning to the US

The first time I went to live abroad, I was 20 years old, doing a semester program in Seville, Spain. After five and a half months abroad, things were different coming back. I noticed I used different vocabulary, like “child” instead of the “kid” I would normally use. I was translating back into English fromContinue reading “Cons of Returning to the US”

Boulder Under Water

Boulder is flooding. “Flash Flood Imminent, get to higher ground” warnings the past 4 days in a row. Sirens, rushing waters, rain without end. Businesses closed, CU closed, work canceled. Last night we let displaced evacuated strangers sleep in our living room. This morning they made it back home, but returned with a box ofContinue reading “Boulder Under Water”