Eldorado Canyon

“Footloose” on the big screen last night at Red Rocks. The audience cheers at all the cheesy parts. There are many. I loved it. On the way to Red Rocks, we passed through Eldorado Canyon, just in time for the sunset.

Who knew…

This is Capitol Hill. I also never knew Stevie Wonder took up photography. Apparently, this tagger was not a fan of a fellow street artist’s work.


As previously stated, I bought a Pentax 35mm from a crotchety old man at the San Diego swap meet who clearly had no clue about the product he was selling. I asked where to change the shutter speed. He pointed vaguely to somewhere on the body of the camera just before grunting about my indecisiveness … More Bamboozled

Adios San Diego

The last one to leave, I sit inside on a beautiful sunny San Diego day, nursing the worst bum burn I’ve ever had. However it is I managed to forget to apply SPF to the back of my legs, but remember everywhere else is a disappointing mystery to me. A painful mystery it is. I’m … More Adios San Diego

Junk & Beads

Spent the day with the sun, the wind, junk, giant waves and the Point Loma Swap Meet. Bought my first Pentax 35mm camera for a whopping $40 from a grouchy old man trying to pack up his tent and go home. This shot is taken in front of a bead shop in OB. Kelsey shows … More Junk & Beads

My dearest Liam

I’ve finally met the newest addition to the family; my baby cousin, Liam Wyatt. The last time I was in San Diego was two years ago when my cousin Erin married Ian; this time I meet the most beautiful baby, Liam. Chunky cheeks. Chunky thighs. I’m in love.