Volcano Misti: The Hardest Climb of my Life

When the plane landed in Arequipa, we all disembarked onto the tarmac, and stood in line outside in the sun waiting for our turn to show our immigration and vaccination documents. The process was slow and there wasn’t much to do but look around and admire the scenery while waiting for my turn. Right there,Continue reading “Volcano Misti: The Hardest Climb of my Life”

AREQUIPA: What to do

Maybe you’re like me and you arrived to Arequipa without doing any research at all. Now that you’re here, you’re wondering- well what do I do now? Or maybe you’re planning ahead, saving locations in your Google Maps, and getting excited for your trip. Either way, I’m here to help! Below is a list ofContinue reading “AREQUIPA: What to do”