IRUYA: Argentina’s Hidden Gem

Iruya is a magical gem of a town in the province of Salta, though the only way in and out of town is along a dirt road from the neighboring province of Jujuy. Most people come to Iruya after first passing through the Jujeño town of Humahuaca, which is about 3 hours away. The roadContinue reading “IRUYA: Argentina’s Hidden Gem”


Reading Time: 8 minutes This was by far the biggest surprise to me in Jujuy, and probably one of my favorite destinations in the entire province. Everyone knows about the Cerro de los Siete Colores in Purmamarca. Everyone knows about the Serrania del Hornocal in Humahuaca. But nobody talks about La Quebrada de las SeñoritasContinue reading “LA QUEBRADA DE LAS SEÑORITAS”


The Seven Colored Mountain is the reason most people come to Purmamarca, and with reason. This mountain range is absolutely stunning and everywhere you turn feels like the perfect photo opportunity. In short, this place is magical. Whether you come for just one day to Purmamarca or stay a few days, getting up close withContinue reading “EL CERRO DE LOS SIETE COLORES”


Purmamarca may be a small town that most people come to visit for one day to see the Cerro de los Siete Colores, but there is definitely more to it than that. If you have a chance, stay a couple days and soak it all in. So what is there to do, you ask? YouContinue reading “PURMAMARCA: What To Do”


Supposedly the Serrania del Hornocal has 14 different colors in the mountain range, however, according to our guide, people have counted up to 32, as more colors are revealed after it rains. This incredible colorful mountain range is found just 27km from the desert town of Humahuaca, in Argentina’s Jujuy province, and 4,761 meters (15,620 ft)Continue reading “SERRANIA DEL HORNOCAL”

Tilcara & La Garganta del Diablo

Tilcara is not a big town, but it definitely has all the conveniences of one: Supermarkets, hotels, hostels, Western Union (Yayy), restaurants, cafes, etc. I was only here for a day, but it seems like a fantastic place to make as a base for a few days. Tilcara is only a 35 minute (120 pesosContinue reading “Tilcara & La Garganta del Diablo”

LOS GIGANTES: Province of Cordoba

Reading time: 9 minutes In Argentina, “hay de todo,” there’s a bit of everything, from sea to mountains to desert to glaciers. Even within each province, there is quite a lot of variation. The province of Cordoba is no exception. While generally known for its mountain towns, I was surprised to find over the weekend,Continue reading “LOS GIGANTES: Province of Cordoba”

SALINAS GRANDES: Getting there, prices, etc.

Reading time: 8 minutes The Salinas Grandes in Argentina sit right on the border between the Jujuy and Salta Provinces. They are the fourth largest salt flats in the world (Uyuni in Bolivia is the largest), and they are absolutely stunning. And, surprisingly easy and affordable to get to! The closest town to the SalinasContinue reading “SALINAS GRANDES: Getting there, prices, etc.”

PURMAMARCA: Where to Eat

Purmamarca and where to find the best eats!

SALTA: What to do and EAT

I’ve always been curious about the north of Argentina, and finally I’m here! I first arrived to Salta, the capital of the Province of Salta, on a late Thursday night in May. The mornings and evenings are cold, but the afternoon sun shines down, begging you to remove your scarf. Whenever I told someone IContinue reading “SALTA: What to do and EAT”