SALKANTAY TRAIL: Complete Packing List

If you are thinking of walking the 5-day Salkantay Trail to Machu Picchu, you might be wondering what to pack- what to bring, what to ditch, and everything in between. Don’t worry, I got you covered. If you want to know more details about how to do the Salkantay Trail, click here.If you want toContinue reading “SALKANTAY TRAIL: Complete Packing List”


It’s not easy to summarize an epic 5 day trip into one blog post, so I’ll try to break it down into in a few posts with the necessary info, hopefully making it simpler for you to plan your trip! This post will include: Why we chose the Salkantay, our tour guide gossip, what isContinue reading “SALKANTAY TRAIL LOGISTICS: What to Expect”

LIMA, PERU: Food Tour

Coming to Lima was a bit of a last minute decision. It had the best and cheapest flights back to Argentina, so here I am. I had only 4 days in Lima, so my main goal was to eat, and eat well. So eat, I did! EL TOKE PEZ:Av. Angamos 886, Surquillo 15047 I cameContinue reading “LIMA, PERU: Food Tour”


In this post I’m going to explain what you should expect on each of the 5 days during the Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu. If you’re interested in some logistics of the trip, like how much it costs, and what it includes, plus a little juicy gossip about my tour guide, check out this postContinue reading “SALKANTAY DAY BY DAY: What to Expect”

CUSCO, PERU: 15 Foods You Need to TRY

Reading Time: 16 minutesView this list on Thatch. Everyone who comes to Peru, comes to Cusco at some point. Everyone who steps foot in Peru will immediately begin to receive suggestions from other travelers who have already been to the places you’re eventually going. Most of those tips are often about food. Where to eat.Continue reading “CUSCO, PERU: 15 Foods You Need to TRY”

CUSCO, PERU: Easy Day Hikes From the Center

Everyone comes to Cusco because they plan to hike, or train, to Machu Pichu. It is, without a doubt, an over touristed destination, meaning that it has been loved to death. So many tourists, everywhere you look. But, thankfully, there are a few escapes to avoid the crowds and get out into nature. They areContinue reading “CUSCO, PERU: Easy Day Hikes From the Center”

Volcano Misti: The Hardest Climb of my Life

When the plane landed in Arequipa, we all disembarked onto the tarmac, and stood in line outside in the sun waiting for our turn to show our immigration and vaccination documents. The process was slow and there wasn’t much to do but look around and admire the scenery while waiting for my turn. Right there,Continue reading “Volcano Misti: The Hardest Climb of my Life”

AREQUIPA, PERU: What to do

Maybe you’re like me and you arrived to Arequipa without doing any research at all. Now that you’re here, you’re wondering- well what do I do now? Or maybe you’re planning ahead, saving locations in your Google Maps, and getting excited for your trip. Either way, I’m here to help! Below is a list ofContinue reading “AREQUIPA, PERU: What to do”