A day trip to Puerto Morelos

On October 1, at 4 am, I stared out the window of a Denver light rail into the darkness as I made my way to the Denver International Airport. Then a ding brought my attention to my phone. My good friend Art from Gringo Nation sent me a message. He had met a couple inContinue reading “A day trip to Puerto Morelos”

Tips for Playa del Carmen

Some tips for Playa del Carmen

Traveling to Canada in 2021

I don’t normally spend a lot of time in North America. I grew up in the US, but rarely stay for very long each time I come back. Because I move so often, from country to country, city to city, I don’t have many roots in one place. My roots are my people. The peopleContinue reading “Traveling to Canada in 2021”


A lot of people, when first starting out, feel much more comfortable with the idea of traveling with friends. I know I did. I had such a romantic idea in my head of climbing to the roof of the Florence Duomo with my backpack and my best friend. I imagined us roaming around Europe, goingContinue reading “TIPS for TRAVELING WITH FRIENDS”