What to Eat in Buenos Aires

[Get my Ultimate 10-day Buenos Aires itinerary here] This week I was able to meet up with a very good friend of mine from Italy, Lena, and her boyfriend Seb. None of us are actually Italian, that’s just where we met. Lena is originally from La Plata, just outside of Buenos Aires. Seb grew up … More What to Eat in Buenos Aires

30 to go

This is my 335th post. That means I have 30 remaining posts before my year of “a photo a day” is complete. This makes my mom sad. For my last 30 days, however, I’ve decided (inspired by: this) to everyday write down three new things I’m grateful for (30 day challenge obsession continues…).  I’ll start … More 30 to go

Wacky wet weird and whimsical Wednesday

Every Wednesday should be a day off. A Wednesday off is better than a three day weekend. It’s been decided. Storm. Dry. Sun. Rain. Eat Chinese Food. Rain. Dry. Vintage bargain hunting. There’s no such thing as “free size.” Rain. Cotton. Rain. Dry. Drive home. Spanish. Pesto. Laughing. Guitar. Listening. Friends. Laughing. Spanish. Learning. Wet. … More Wacky wet weird and whimsical Wednesday

Pre election day

To quote my wise friend, Erin, “Only in Korea does having a group of ridiculous looking dancers who block traffic actually improve a candidate’s chances of winning.” This is odd, yet true. At this very moment, while the rain comes down outside my window, I can hear the chants in support of candidate #2, #3, … More Pre election day

Arbor Day

Vocabulary of the day: 1. Put the screen in the bottom of the pot. 2. Put soil in the pot. 3. Make a hole in the soil. 4. Put the plant in the soil. 5. Fill the hole with more soil. 6. Add water. Sing each line like a song. They remember. Magic.