If I were to choose three words for our time in Reykjavik, they would be: sleepy, hungry, cold- in that order of the effect that they imposed on our lives for two very short days in Iceland. Recovering from a no-sleep flight from Denver to Reykjavik, we drank copious amounts of coffee and black teaContinue reading “Layover”

matching couple lovers

Today I’m grateful for: 1. Max and our burrito picnic party, cilantro makes everything just a little bit better.  And of course, Julie, who brought the wine. 2. The sun. Today was the first beach day. Still a little cold for bikini wear, but perfect for outdoor picnics, sarongs and sunglasses. Sub category a: LivingContinue reading “matching couple lovers”

Friday the 13th Sunday School

Easter came a little late this year. For the kindergarten, anyways. I awkwardly read the slides, created by the Korean teacher, which mixed bunny rabbits, easter egg hunts and Jesus dying and rising again on the third day, amidst the puzzlement of five year olds, “really, teacher?” Usually Korean is forbidden in the classroom, butContinue reading “Friday the 13th Sunday School”

30 to go

This is my 335th post. That means I have 30 remaining posts before my year of “a photo a day” is complete. This makes my mom sad. For my last 30 days, however, I’ve decided (inspired by: this) to everyday write down three new things I’m grateful for (30 day challenge obsession continues…).  I’ll startContinue reading “30 to go”

Wacky wet weird and whimsical Wednesday

Every Wednesday should be a day off. A Wednesday off is better than a three day weekend. It’s been decided. Storm. Dry. Sun. Rain. Eat Chinese Food. Rain. Dry. Vintage bargain hunting. There’s no such thing as “free size.” Rain. Cotton. Rain. Dry. Drive home. Spanish. Pesto. Laughing. Guitar. Listening. Friends. Laughing. Spanish. Learning. Wet.Continue reading “Wacky wet weird and whimsical Wednesday”

Pre election day

To quote my wise friend, Erin, “Only in Korea does having a group of ridiculous looking dancers who block traffic actually improve a candidate’s chances of winning.” This is odd, yet true. At this very moment, while the rain comes down outside my window, I can hear the chants in support of candidate #2, #3,Continue reading “Pre election day”

The world’s most informative news source

When looking to get informed on world news and culture, one need not look much further than the oh-so-reliable “Kinder Times.” Forget Democracy Now, folks. Amy Goodman’s got nothing on the likes of Sarah Choi, David Choi, or Elena Bae. No need to check in on the latest in the US elections or the Palestine-IsraelContinue reading “The world’s most informative news source”