I first went to Georgia in January 2020 with the intention of spending about 6 months there, and then moving on. I had weddings to go to in Santorini, friends to meet in Istanbul, plans to travel around the region. But just 6 weeks after arriving, my life and my plans got put on pause, … More TOP SIGHTS IN GEORGIA (country)

In Occupied Palestine

“Do Palestinians even want peace?” I was asked by a secular Israeli on my last night in Tel Aviv. I was struck. And shocked. Not because the questioner seemed ignorant. Because he didn’t. And he isn’t. He’s a very lovely human being, in fact. I was struck, rather, because of the¬†innocence of the question. The … More In Occupied Palestine

In Jericho

A short, yet beautiful time in Jericho, the oldest inhabited city in the world, so they say. Jericho feels peaceful. There are no settlers, no soldiers. It’s warm, due to its low altitude and proximity to the Dead Sea. There are parks. And extremely friendly people, all of whom would like a photo.

In Hebron

Hebron, to me, is the most obvious site of Apartheid in the West Bank. It’s tense. Very very tense. In so many other places in the West Bank, I heard stories of hope and prayers for peace. In Hebron, however, every corner brings another check point. Another soldier. Another weapon. Another settler-only road. Another barrier to living … More In Hebron

In Bethlehem

It is exceptionally easier than you might think to enter the West Bank. At Damascus Gate in Jerusalem, catch bus #21 (or was it #28?). Done. Now you’re in Bethlehem. What used to be a suburb of Jerusalem, is now on the other side of a giant concrete wall that is more than two times … More In Bethlehem


Two days at Petra.  Two contradictory feelings to describe Petra: Incredible. Frustrating. Petra is old. It’s amazing. It’s beautiful, spectacular, impressive and all synonyms of the like. If you think you don’t know Petra, you probably know more than you realize. Think Indiana Jones. Petra is also full of bad jokes, which you’ll hear from the … More Petra

The Dead Sea

One of the best choices I have made in my life thus far was renting a car and driving to the Dead Sea. When in Jordan. I expected to see a lake. What I found was incredible beauty, amazing views, and that hot hot heat.¬†The Dead Sea is the lowest point on Earth, below sea … More The Dead Sea

Amman, Jordan

In Amman, you may eat falafel and hummus for breakfast. You’ll definitely be stared at less than Morocco. This is a guarantee. Then you may meet a boy who wants to walk around with you. He may or may not sing Brian Adams love songs to you. They’ll definitely be out of tune. Then he … More Amman, Jordan