Chaos at midnight

Take a gander at the footprints painted upon my neighbor’s door.

This is what I awoke to last night a little after midnight: Two ajoshes attempting to kick down the door and screaming Korean obscenities; there was a lot of “shit, “mother fucker,” and “Do you want to die?”s going around.

It would be a lie to say I wasn’t scared. They were loud, drunk and a little bit off their rocker… Anyone who thinks they can bust into an apartment by breaking off the door handle using a pair of scissors has a few issues.

My friend Niki lives on the second floor of my building. Por suerte, she was on skype, so I called down and had her tell the security guard. She did so and he seemed hardly phased. He told her that the cops (who never showed up) were already on the way.

Being pretty brave and badass, Niki came up to keep me company and laugh at the shouting and kicking behind locked doors.

A little after 1am, they seemed to realize they weren’t getting very far on their “breaking down the door” escapade and pissed off.