Daegu Day trippin’

Today I bought a sewing machine.

In Daegu.

So we made it an adventure. I brought a few of my besties along for the ride.

Unsure of what we would find there (beyond the sewing machine deal in the train station upon arrival), we set out to the first market we heard of.

After walking through rows and rows of baby shoes, leggings, sparkly hair barrettes and chickens (Yes, chicken bodies hanging together off hooks. Weird), we decided to terminate the market adventure and head to the downtown.

We wandered aimlessly along cobble-stoned streets and fashion boutiques (Apparently, Daegu is the fashion capital of Korea. Move over, Milan!) before finally stumbling upon the gem of the city: Buy the Book.

We walked in and instantly fell in love. Homemade vegan meals (think chili, falafal, hummus etc), people knitting, people reading, people in the midst of a live painting class, all with their faces towards the model in the middle of the room.

So we settled in and made it the rest of day, talking, laughing and playing the greatest game on Earth, bananagrams.