Day one

On the first day of the year, we returned to Kouko and Shuji’s and we did once again, what we did nearly the entire time in Hanayama: sit.

We sat and drank sake (another new years tradition).
We sat and drank tea.
We sat and chatted.
We sat and laughed.
We sat and pet the cats (there were four).

Then Shuji showed us his handmade kiln, set low in the ground, built to withstand earthquakes.

For that, we stood.

As the first sun set on the new year, we sat and soaked in a natural onsen (spa).

AND- with the new year, comes a new 30-day challenge. Thanks to the brilliance of Sean Gallagher, I’ve decided on haiku. One a day for January.

If sake brings me
good health for the new year, then
what will soju do?