Friday the 13th Sunday School

Easter came a little late this year.

For the kindergarten, anyways.

I awkwardly read the slides, created by the Korean teacher, which mixed bunny rabbits, easter egg hunts and Jesus dying and rising again on the third day, amidst the puzzlement of five year olds, “really, teacher?”

Usually Korean is forbidden in the classroom, but little Esther raised her hand and said she knew the reason Jesus died on the cross on a Friday and rose again on a Sunday, so I went ahead and gave her the reigns to explain this one to the other kindergarteners in their first language.

Teaching Sunday school in the classroom, not my thing.

But here are three things I dig:

1. Korean honesty. Never do I feel afraid here at night, and the number of wallets, phones etc that have been returned after being lost is amazingly high (not only mine, but friends as well).

2. Acoustic music and other live events. Busan has an increasingly sweet music scene, something new going on nearly every night of the week. And of course, bff Julie, who gives me chills every time she picks up a guitar and sings.

3. Lasering. After another few months, never again will I have to buy a razor. Luckily I live in the most surgically/skin “enhancing” capital of the world (I made that up. I did not fact check, but one can only assume based on the number of gauzed up faces I see on the subway each week).