It’s a long wait down

I would say I spend around 40% of my waking life in Korea, waiting for elevators.

1/80/ f/2.8, ISO 200

Korea is a small country with a lot of people, 4 million in Busan.

So many people, so little space. Build up.

Row upon row of high-rise apartment buildings, office-tels and office buildings spread across the landscape of Korea. Movie theaters on the 5th floor, pharmacies on the sixth. Bars on the 2nd, restaurants on the 10th. Some bars on the 14th, overlooking the beach.

With everything so high, there’s a lot of waiting for elevators.

I live on the 8th floor of my apt. building. One elevator goes to even floors, one goes to odd. There are 18 floors. The elevator is never there when you need it. That’s a lot of waiting.