Last one possible

I missed, by less than 10 seconds, what I usually consider to be my “last possible train,” in  order to make it to work on time.

So, I waited for the next train. As you do. Feeling anxious. Feeling late.

Apparently, the 9:44 train from Jangsan is a hot spot for old timers.

What is usually a quiet, nine minute ride to Centum City, was today filled with rambunctious “harmoni” (grandmas) and “haraboji” (grandfathers), anxious to get their gossip on.

A few old ladies across from me, even took the time to give what I can only consider to be a disapproving look at my tights. As you may know, leggings are my jam. I like to mix it up. Today, the grandmas were not impressed.

So here we go, in no particular order, my top 3 for today are:

1. Trying to get an old Korean lady to smile back at you to a. make her feel bad for looking at you badly and b. for the sake of seeing her smile.

2. Accidental Korean hipsters. For always providing comedy.

3. 6:30pm. The end of a long week.