My flag twirler

We were put together by accident.

Turned out our original roommates were friends from high school.

They asked us to do a switcheroo. We complied.

The first time we ever spoke was a month before we were to live together for a year, in a 10×10 foot box; we later went on to win a McOscar for having the “messiest room” in McCowan Hall for that box, thankyouverymuch.

I told her I played sports. She told me she twirled flags in the marching band. We thought we would hate each other.

But on the first day of freshman year, after the awkwardness of our crying parents wore off, we were instant besties.

And here we are, more than a decade later, with so many changes since our messy room days, still talking on the phone (/skype, technology has much improved since then), joking about NPL and dreaming of bluetility.