My only friend, the end.

This is the end.

Today is the last day of my 365 day photo challenge.

I did it.

I actually took a picture every day for three hundred and sixty five days. And I didn’t cheat. Not even once. Though some days, the photos were not exactly my best attempt at photography, or even creativity for that matter, I still did it.

Was it annoying? Yes.
Am I glad I did it? Also, yes.

The last day of obligatory photo taking also happened to coincide perfectly with our Beltane celebration. What better way to start anew for spring, then with a shedding of winter weight (figurative) and the blooming of freedom (literal- free from mandatory daily blogging).

So overall, here’s what I think about the challenge:

1. Feeling the weight of daily blogging on my shoulders.
2. The loss of creativity- When you MUST take a photo everyday, it becomes less about inspiration and more about checking off the check list. Some days I felt I must just get a photo off, rather than really considering the content of the photo.
3. Carrying my camera everywhere I go. It gets heavy.
4. Getting behind on blogs and scrambling to catch up.

1. I had only got my new Canon a few weeks before I started the challenge, so I definitely became quickly acquainted with my 60D.
2. I got used to and became comfortable with having my camera with me at all times, always ready.
3. I took more adventures. In order to change things up from ordinary photo-taking-and-blogging-about-what-I-do-all-day-everyday, I took small adventures to get a new shot.
4. Seeing everything and everyone as a potential shot.
5. Understanding more of the science side of the camera.

I’m sure there’s more, but as I sip on this large glass of wine on this rainy Monday night (even my last post comes late), my mind goes blank.

That’s all. I’m done.

Though I will no longer be posting daily (thank god), I will still update from time to time (mostly at my mumsy’s request), particularly since a few big trips are in the works for the months ahead.

Over and out.