New Aparta

Spent all day moving yesterday, thanks to those who grabbed an end of my sofa and walked it across the street to my new apartment building.

1/60, f/1.8, ISO 400

Made the security guard angry by using the elevator “too much.”

Got annoyed, (but smiled politely) with the fruit man who tried to “help” by pulling the wheel cart up the curb, spilling everything on it, insisted he must be the one to repack it, packed it, spilled it again, refused to let me do it, pushed me out of the way, repacked it again and pushed it all the way to the elevator in my building.

I love my new apartment. Smaller than before, and much more cozy.

No more 3.5′ ceilings (in the loft); I can stand up straight when I get out of bed.

And to top it off, I get a big sink and a red kitchen wall.