On the way to Jirisan

An hour long subway ride, an hour long bus ride, another hour and a half bus ride and we were there- Jirisan Mountain: the largest terrestrial national park in all of South Korea.

In all my time in Korea, I’ve always wanted to visit Jirisan; now I can finally say I’ve been there.

We arrived after sundown, so for all we knew, it was a few restaurants in the pitch black night. The next morning was a pleasant surprise.

And apparently, Jirisan seems to be the capital of Persimmon drying; everyone was doing it.

We even bought what we thought was a large bottle of persimmon juice (it was sitting next to all the drying persimmons) but turned out to taste more like a large bottle of vinegar and piss (excuse the vulgarity, but I don’t believe there to be a more fitting word).