Sunday nerves

The last two performances of the Vagina Monologues today.

What we’ve been working for over the past two months.

Climaxes here. Today.

Nerves build, reaching towards the final show.

Each audience with its own personality.

Today I’m truly and deeply grateful for:

1. Everyone who came and supported us women, from all three performances. For those working and waiting Until the Violence stops. One Billion Rising.

2-3. All the talented, amazing women I got to know over the past two months who continually supported me each week. Who gave me tissues. Who gave me hugs. Who gave me love and support at every rehearsal. “Say it” (about the comfort women in Korea during Japan’s occupation) is an incredibly emotional, moving and powerful piece, which brought us to tears every Sunday. I couldn’t have done it without these women and the continual support they provided.