Lauren would never say her name was Britannica. She would never say she’s from Uzbekistan and can’t speak English. She’s too nice. So while she sat in the subway, in her best teacher’s voice, talking to the ajoshe looking for English practice, Erin and I guessed (with 99% accuracy) the questions he would ask. We … More Guessing

Comin’ in hot

We woke to slight winds but sunny skies, surrounded by red and orange mountains on all sides. After our necessary Maxim fix (Koreans always have individually packed coffee sticks on hand), we set off for a hike that would kick my ass- literally (well, at least my thigh). The scenery was beautiful, fall leaves everywhere. … More Comin’ in hot

7 years bad luck

One minute here, next it’s gone. Walking past a bus stop in Seomyeon, we spotted a shattered bus shelter window. As I took out my camera to snap the shards, a drunken ajoshe thought it an incredible idea to finish the job for gravity and kick the rest of the window out; meanwhile, parents shooed … More 7 years bad luck


We took a little break from shooting at the fish market, to have a look at the ajoshe/ajuma disco party happening on the outside patio, just beyond the stench of the flounder and fish guts from inside. What we found was the ultimate old man/old lady Saturday afternoon hang out spot. Drinks were being passed, … More Grouchashi