Ajumas know feet

It took six years to convince myself I needed ajuma slippers. Finally I took the plunge. A whopping 2000 won (roughly an entire two whole US dollars) later, I’m satisfied. I’ll never look back. Slippers will never be the same again. Oh, ajuma! Never again will I mock your ways; not knowing what I know … More Ajumas know feet

Comin’ in hot

We woke to slight winds but sunny skies, surrounded by red and orange mountains on all sides. After our necessary Maxim fix (Koreans always have individually packed coffee sticks on hand), we set off for a hike that would kick my ass- literally (well, at least my thigh). The scenery was beautiful, fall leaves everywhere. … More Comin’ in hot


We took a little break from shooting at the fish market, to have a look at the ajoshe/ajuma disco party happening on the outside patio, just beyond the stench of the flounder and fish guts from inside. What we found was the ultimate old man/old lady Saturday afternoon hang out spot. Drinks were being passed, … More Grouchashi

Fish for brekkie

First time to see Jagalchi Market before 9am. Just as chaotic as ever. Skinning eels. Escaping octopi. Stressed out fish, losing scales, bleeding faces. Kept my gag reflex strongly in check.

Never Ending Story

The day started as normal as any, waking up at 4:30a expecting a pleasant drive up the coast to Pohang, just in time to catch the morning ferry. Didn’t exactly happen that way… The rain started about 20 minutes in and didn’t stop. We decided to take cover in Ulsan, after nearly two hours of … More Never Ending Story