1. Erin’s spontaneous late night visit and girl talk chat. 2. The little black dress she lent me for the performance. 3. Getting fingerprints in Korea. The easiest thing I’ve ever done in Korea, bureaucracy-wise. Dip your fingers around in ink, roll them on the paper, make bilingual jokes, don’t wait in line, don’t pay. … More LBD

Mother Russia

1. What the book. For the speedy shipping of my shiny brand new Lonely Planet Trans-Siberia for post-Korea adventures. 2. English. For being my first language, allowing me to work abroad for so many years, and in turn allowing me to travel (almost) as much as I want. 3. Frankie. For baking me homemade vegan … More Mother Russia

Feeding the addiction

1. Costco. Having all my sharp cheddar cheese needs fulfilled at a short scooter ride away. 2. Being a foreigner. Feeling so outside of culture, that I rarely feel self-conscious (like when taking pictures of cheese in Costco, for example). 3. My plants. I’m amazed at how green and full they’ve been looking lately; my … More Feeding the addiction