Valladolid & Tulum | Time to Relax

Today started the same as the other mornings in Valladolid: awake before the sun comes up, sitting in front of my computer with the giant wooden door wide open, breeze coming in, the church bells ringing, and the street dogs waiting for my sister to give them attention. The only difference with today is that … More Valladolid & Tulum | Time to Relax

Nugget of Peace

Castellon de la Plana. That place in Spain you’ve never heard of. A thirty minute bus ride to the Mediterranean coast, and where if you go just a little bit further, you’ll find Voramar, a little place frequented by Ernest Hemingway in the 1930’s; inspired by the calm waves and the white sand, it’s entirely … More Nugget of Peace

It’s a wrap

Our final scene in a three-day shoot for Busan Haps Magazine was concluded with a suite on the 15th floor at Paradise Hotel. Rumor has it, the president once stayed in this giant of a hotel room; I’ve never been in anything quite as extravagant. Two bedrooms, multiple bathrooms, down comforters, incredible view of the … More It’s a wrap

Casa de areia

Summer equals beach equals sand equals sand on your feet. Sand on your feet equals sand in your apartment. Sand in your apartment equals sand in your shower, your bed, your rug. This morning, trying to make pancakes, I found it in my fry pan.