I grew up in Lafayette, Colorado, a small-medium sized town in the east of Boulder County, and according to my friends and me- a very uncool town. Lafayette was like the lame little sister to Louisville, the next town over, who always wanted to tag along. When Louisville started becoming more hip and was voted … More LAFAYETTE, COLORADO BREWERY TOUR


Fourth time in Amsterdam, four days in Amsterdam. Four rainy days, four lazy days. Journal writing, photo posting, museum viewing, casual bike riding- sometimes in the rain, sometimes not. Highlight: Buraka A kickass, African Beat inspired band from Portugal who put on a show like none other. Down to Earth, they allowed us up on … More Amsterdammit

A taste of Seoul

1. Grass. The grass in front of Seoul’s city hall may or may not be the only “lawn” I’ve seen in Korea. They should consider more of that. Picnics are nice. 2. The International Food Fair. For letting us eat in Afghanistan, Sudan and Bangladesh all in the same day.  And Chilean wine and German … More A taste of Seoul


Today I got a new tattoo. A third tattoo. No videos this time. Julie serenaded us with tales of Earl’s impending death, Savannah brought the back-ups (Max, Hoegaarden & Doritos), Erin screamed in pain and Kyung Jin very kindly provided the Dutch mustard, cheese, and wine, not to mention the ink and needles. So for … More Thrice