Amman, Jordan

In Amman, you may eat falafel and hummus for breakfast. You’ll definitely be stared at less than Morocco. This is a guarantee. Then you may meet a boy who wants to walk around with you. He may or may not sing Brian Adams love songs to you. They’ll definitely be out of tune. Then he … More Amman, Jordan

El domingo

1. Breakfast party picnic and guitar jam sess 2. The Vmen. For standing up with women. Until the violence stops. 3. Remembering that everyone has a story.

Why Seoul is good

Seoul has got it figured out. Breakfast is good. Kimchi for breakfast is not. Western breakfast is delicious. Starbucks is ok, but small, eclectic un-chain breakfast restaurant is even better. I can’t wait for Busan to catch up to the secret that Seoul already knows, and I hope it happens fast. This squid is not, … More Why Seoul is good