A casual arcade appearance

1. Letter from my bestie. The kindest letter I’ve ever received. 2. Meeting with the Vagina Videographers. I now have all files in one place. Let the compressions begin. 3. Arcades and teenage boys. For reminding me why I enjoy taking pictures in the first place.


1.  Late night chats with friends on rainy days. 2. Short days at work. Because some days are just too much to take. 3. Bathing in the after-glow of the Vaginas. Getting praise and compliments from strangers.


Today I’m ever so grateful for: 1. Hummus and Macaroni and cheese (with the instructions in English and everything, whether I need them or not). 2. The person who gave them both to me. 3. The love and support of my amazing friends who not only came to the Vagina Monologues, but came with flowers. I love … More Garbanzo

Sunday nerves

The last two performances of the Vagina Monologues today. What we’ve been working for over the past two months. Climaxes here. Today. Nerves build, reaching towards the final show. Each audience with its own personality. Today I’m truly and deeply grateful for: 1. Everyone who came and supported us women, from all three performances. For … More Sunday nerves

Opening night

First Vagina Monologue performance today. Anticipation in the air. Nerves getting the best of me. Excitement building. So much to be grateful for today. Far more than three things. All secret things.

Vaginas with voices

1. Sunny rooftop lunch break 2. Amazing women with amazing voices singing their hearts out for other amazing women’s vaginas in honor of the Vagina Monologues. 3. Monthly birthday change-up. Earlier lunch = longer break = more time in the sun.

Beautiful Korea. Wonderful Immigration.

1. Finding a sketchy (think Texas st.), yet friendly travel company who will assist getting the Chinese visa (even if it does cost 140k won more than it did in 2007). 2. “Beautiful Korea. Wonderful Immigration.” For having all our documents photocopied and ready for pick up. Another easily executed Korean Bureaucracy success. 3. Amazing … More Beautiful Korea. Wonderful Immigration.

Chick bands

1. My very talented (/badass) friends who should start a chick band. Fiddles. Guitars. Voices. 2. The new PE teacher. My school hired an outside teacher, comically named “Pororo,” who comes in twice a week to teach PE in the sky room. This means I no longer have to search into my memory of elementary … More Chick bands


1. Erin’s spontaneous late night visit and girl talk chat. 2. The little black dress she lent me for the performance. 3. Getting fingerprints in Korea. The easiest thing I’ve ever done in Korea, bureaucracy-wise. Dip your fingers around in ink, roll them on the paper, make bilingual jokes, don’t wait in line, don’t pay. … More LBD