CUSCO, PERU: 15 Foods You Need to TRY

Reading Time: 16 minutesView this list on Thatch. Everyone who comes to Peru, comes to Cusco at some point. Everyone who steps foot in Peru will immediately begin to receive suggestions from other travelers who have already been to the places you’re eventually going. Most of those tips are often about food. Where to eat. … More CUSCO, PERU: 15 Foods You Need to TRY

Morocco of my dreams

Chefshaouen was the Moroccan city I never knew could exist, the Moroccan city of my dreams. With its blue walls, surrounded by a wall of mountains, easy to manage medina, avocado shakes, hamams, kind people, I don’t think I would ever be ready to leave regardless of how many days I spent there. Even the … More Morocco of my dreams

The furniture mystery

Julie’s been talking about a furniture studio/coffee shop, but it’s closed every time she passes by. Finally we made it in. But sadly, no coffee. Snapped a few photos and moved on. The hand-made furniture however, was beautiful.