Rooftop lunch break

1. Rooftop. We discovered the rooftop of our school building a few Fridays ago, on Arbor Day. Today it was my sunny reading lunch break spot with a pretty sweet view of the Gwangan Bridge and the MiWorld Ferris Wheel. 2. Nag Champa. My stash is nearly out, but it makes everything smell much better. … More Rooftop lunch break


The reason my classroom vibrates. Construction on the first floor. A new octopus restaurant. I’ll give it one month, two tops, before it mysteriously closes its door without warning, as many Korean restaurants/store fronts are wont to do.

New school blues

During the winter break, our school moved. Big windows and warm water in the faucets. My favorite parts. New school new slippers Don’t forget to wear new socks Throw out the old ones