Today I got a new tattoo. A third tattoo. No videos this time. Julie serenaded us with tales of Earl’s impending death, Savannah brought the back-ups (Max, Hoegaarden & Doritos), Erin screamed in pain and Kyung Jin very kindly provided the Dutch mustard, cheese, and wine, not to mention the ink and needles. So for … More Thrice

Feeding the addiction

1. Costco. Having all my sharp cheddar cheese needs fulfilled at a short scooter ride away. 2. Being a foreigner. Feeling so outside of culture, that I rarely feel self-conscious (like when taking pictures of cheese in Costco, for example). 3. My plants. I’m amazed at how green and full they’ve been looking lately; my … More Feeding the addiction

The wackness of Costco

What started out as an ordinary trip to Costco, (to feed the sharp cheddar cheese addiction, obviously), quickly got weird when not three minutes after I entered, we lost power. Black out. But because it’s Costco, there were, of course generators which quickly brought us back to about 30% of the regular lighting. We could … More The wackness of Costco