In Bethlehem

It is exceptionally easier than you might think to enter the West Bank. At Damascus Gate in Jerusalem, catch bus #21 (or was it #28?). Done. Now you’re in Bethlehem. What used to be a suburb of Jerusalem, is now on the other side of a giant concrete wall that is more than two times … More In Bethlehem

Busy Santa

It’s official. Santa has sold himself out. Apparently business is not so good up at the North Pole. He’s taken a side job. SK Telecom was hiring. No shame.


I bet if you asked, most people don’t know anyone with the same birthday as them. Not me. I know loads. Nick the goth from art class in high school, Anita from the ashram, Moohee my best friend in film school, H’Sia, my friend’s beautiful two-year old daughter… The list goes on… However, I was … More Honey