Bodegas and Vineyards Reading Time: 8 minutes Cafayate, in the province of Salta, is well known for its wine, bodegas, and vineyards. Bodegas are scattered around the town center, and vineyards exist just a short walk outside of town, while others require a slightly higher than average taxi ride. Some require reservations, while others are … More BODEGAS AND VINEYARDS: GET TIPSY IN CAFAYATE

DOUBLE YOUR MONEY in Argentina | How to Get the Best Blue Dollar Rate

I spent the first three months of the year in Argentina- mid January to mid April. I wanted to keep track of spending to have a better idea of what living there long term would look like. To do this, I used an app called Trail Wallet (not sponsored). The app is free for the … More DOUBLE YOUR MONEY in Argentina | How to Get the Best Blue Dollar Rate

Koreatown, Toronto

I lived in Busan, South Korea three different times, for a total of four years. It’s the most I’ve ever lived in one place since I was seventeen. And that makes Korea close to my heart. There is so much I love and miss about South Korea- the Kimbap Chunguk’s (a small chain restaurant with … More Koreatown, Toronto


Today I’m ever so grateful for: 1. Hummus and┬áMacaroni and cheese (with the instructions in English and everything, whether I need them or not). 2.┬áThe person who gave them both to me. 3. The love and support of my amazing friends who not only came to the Vagina Monologues, but came with flowers. I love … More Garbanzo

Mother Russia

1. What the book. For the speedy shipping of my shiny brand new Lonely Planet Trans-Siberia for post-Korea adventures. 2. English. For being my first language, allowing me to work abroad for so many years, and in turn allowing me to travel (almost) as much as I want. 3. Frankie. For baking me homemade vegan … More Mother Russia

Feeding the addiction

1. Costco. Having all my sharp cheddar cheese needs fulfilled at a short scooter ride away. 2. Being a foreigner. Feeling so outside of culture, that I rarely feel self-conscious (like when taking pictures of cheese in Costco, for example). 3. My plants. I’m amazed at how green and full they’ve been looking lately; my … More Feeding the addiction