PURMAMARCA: Where to Eat

Purmamarca and where to find the best eats!

Tips for Playa del Carmen

Some tips for Playa del Carmen

Niagara Falls, Canadian Side

I went to Niagara Falls for the first time in my life and could never have expected to feel the level of giddiness that hit me the second I saw them. I’ve seen waterfalls before. I’ve even seen Iguazu Falls at the intersection of Paraguay, Brazil, and Argentina. They were stunning. But something hit differentlyContinue reading “Niagara Falls, Canadian Side”

Camino de Santiago, just because

I can’t say exactly why I did the Camino de Santiago. I just felt it. Me llamó la atención. It’s something I had been thinking about for over 10 years. And suddenly, the time came. I had a lot of changes in my life, and this felt like the right time to start again, startContinue reading “Camino de Santiago, just because”


Today I got a new tattoo. A third tattoo. No videos this time. Julie serenaded us with tales of Earl’s impending death, Savannah brought the back-ups (Max, Hoegaarden & Doritos), Erin screamed in pain and Kyung Jin very kindly provided the Dutch mustard, cheese, and wine, not to mention the ink and needles. So forContinue reading “Thrice”

30 to go

This is my 335th post. That means I have 30 remaining posts before my year of “a photo a day” is complete. This makes my mom sad. For my last 30 days, however, I’ve decided (inspired by: this) to everyday write down three new things I’m grateful for (30 day challenge obsession continues…).  I’ll startContinue reading “30 to go”

Nothing says Christmas like galbi

It’s a sad, sad Christmas day when mid-skype conversation with family abroad, your mac falls silently dead, not to be revived… At least not for today. But it’s a good, good Christmas day when surrounded by best friends, delicious potluck and Griswald’s Christmas. And nothing like a traditional Korean bbq to finish things up onContinue reading “Nothing says Christmas like galbi”