Volley begins…

The first Saturday on the sand. Casualties of war: skinned knee, aching hip, sore body. I couldn’t be happier.

Surfers of the couch

Sometimes there are weirdos. But mostly there are not. This week, I have couchsurfers. They are not weirdos. But what they are, is awesome. Seb and Candy have hitchhiked across Asia from Europe and are now in Busan. They are easily some of the coolest couchsurfers I’ve come across. Interesting, intelligent, independent and full of … More Surfers of the couch

What’s for dinner?

His days are numbered. He hopes he’s not the “lucky” one. But he wonders, is it really better inside with no hope of escaping? and why are my legs so delicious? So his only defense and revenge? Make it as difficult as possible to get to the goods.