A failed attempt at Beltane, due to the rain. But the moon cookies were still delicious. Turning a rainy day into something good. Today’s top 3: 1. Meeting new people. 2. Watching a movie so bad, we literally had tears rolling down our face. If you want to see a good comedy, watch this! 3. … More Raincheck

The Secret Spot

Julie, the maven of finding hidden coffee shops and secret alley-way restaurants, was not actually present when we finally made it into the coveted four-table top noodle restaurant; It was delicious, but I cannot take credit for the find. We arrived at 10 ’til seven, waited (only 10 minutes) in the obligatory line that runs … More The Secret Spot

The other road

After a class on Dalmaji Hill, I decided to take the other road home. The longer road. Just to see what street I’d come out to. A couple turns later, I was back on the main road. But just before the last turn, I was struck by the view. I usually take this road the … More The other road

It’s a wrap

Our final scene in a three-day shoot for Busan Haps Magazine was concluded with a suite on the 15th floor at Paradise Hotel. Rumor has it, the president once stayed in this giant of a hotel room; I’ve never been in anything quite as extravagant. Two bedrooms, multiple bathrooms, down comforters, incredible view of the … More It’s a wrap

Adios Summertime

Summer is coming to a close. It’s the last day of August, the last official “open” beach day for Haeundae. The late night beach crowds are thinning. Less teenagers in high heels. Less “hunting” (헌팅- checking each other out and/or trying to pick up). Beach side beer gardens are closing. Filipino cover bands on the … More Adios Summertime

Farewell, yet again…

Leading a transient life leads to many-a-goodbye. The Korean lifestyle of a wayguk, however, is one of the most transient in which I’ve experienced; due to contractual and occupational restraints, most friendships are limited like the expiration date on a can of pineapples (thank you WKW for your brilliance with words). Too often are goodbye’s. However, … More Farewell, yet again…

Casa de areia

Summer equals beach equals sand equals sand on your feet. Sand on your feet equals sand in your apartment. Sand in your apartment equals sand in your shower, your bed, your rug. This morning, trying to make pancakes, I found it in my fry pan.