I am an Indian Kid

The title of “Dream Art’s & Crafts” for the day. A little bit racist? Just a little? Maybe just a little… Design and color a Native Indian inspired head piece with feather and all. The biggest guy, Andy, pumps out his teddy bear T-shirt chest, just like a chief. Like a boss. Last day of … More I am an Indian Kid

The post

The necessary international postal service photo for obvious reasons. Or for those less inclined to the obvious, my last name is Post. You are the most in- teresting person I know Happy birthday, mom

Day one

On the first day of the year, we returned to Kouko and Shuji’s and we did once again, what we did nearly the entire time in Hanayama: sit. We sat and drank sake (another new years tradition). We sat and drank tea. We sat and chatted. We sat and laughed. We sat and pet the … More Day one