Up on the rooftop

2am Saturday night. A few glasses of red wine. Head to the rooftop.    

Chaos at midnight

Take a gander at the footprints painted upon my neighbor’s door. This is what I awoke to last night a little after midnight: Two ajoshes attempting to kick down the door and screaming Korean obscenities; there was a lot of “shit, “mother fucker,” and “Do you want to die?”s going around. It would be a … More Chaos at midnight


When will the frost on my poorly manufactured windows disappear? I can’t even shave my legs, I’m too cold in the shower. My heating bill is getting expensive. It’s hard to do yoga in six layers of clothing. I’ve bought more plants and candles. The former for growth to remind me of spring. The latter … More Frossssst….

Brown bag bad idea

Next time you decide to save time and just use the market bags. Think again. Instead of stopping first at my apt to get my green bags, I went directly to the supermarket. Bad idea. The first bag’s handles ripped off the moment I picked it up. The second bag tore down the seam mid-walk … More Brown bag bad idea

Squashity squash

It was cheaper to buy a month membership than pay each day for squash. So Sydney, watch out. You’ll be seeing a lot more of my squash buddy and me this month!

Salon de Chloe

After taking a “sight seeing tour” around Dalmaji Hill, by pure accident (and serendipity), we stumbled across an awesome breakfast cafe, called Salon de Chloe. Cool, even if judged by Seoul standards. Nothing beats french toast at 3 in the afternoon.

Subway Grandma

Standing up on a busy subway car, we noticed a Korean grandma who got on and sat down in the only empty spot. She started speaking. To no one in particular. Just talking. Talking to the people across from her. Next to her. A few seats away. Mostly she went ignored. Once the train cleared … More Subway Grandma