Couchsurfing Karma

Our couchsurfing host from Tokyo, came to surf my couch in Busan. A whirlwind tour, 1.5 days, mini reunion. By trade, Kyohei is a creator of glassware. He created and brought a small glass dish for each of my friends who had a few drinks to welcome his arrival. Very thoughtful.

Day one

On the first day of the year, we returned to Kouko and Shuji’s and we did once again, what we did nearly the entire time in Hanayama: sit. We sat and drank sake (another new years tradition). We sat and drank tea. We sat and chatted. We sat and laughed. We sat and pet theContinue reading “Day one”

Hanayama style New Years

The temperatures of Miyagi are shockingly colder than Tokyo. Mountains. Snow on the ground. Old friends. Feels like home. We stayed in our makeshift floor bed until the late afternoon, eating, chatting and avoiding the cold that awaited us on the other side of the blankets. When we did finally leave our nest of warmth,Continue reading “Hanayama style New Years”


I bet if you asked, most people don’t know anyone with the same birthday as them. Not me. I know loads. Nick the goth from art class in high school, Anita from the ashram, Moohee my best friend in film school, H’Sia, my friend’s beautiful two-year old daughter… The list goes on… However, I wasContinue reading “Honey”