Good boys

1. When a good student’s (Colin, left) energy rubs off on a crazy student (right, Andy) and they read comic books in the library during lunch break, while the other kids scream their heads off. 2. Sunny weather and a lunch time stroll around the block. 3. Because after this post, I only have 5Continue reading “Good boys”

Friday the 13th Sunday School

Easter came a little late this year. For the kindergarten, anyways. I awkwardly read the slides, created by the Korean teacher, which mixed bunny rabbits, easter egg hunts and Jesus dying and rising again on the third day, amidst the puzzlement of five year olds, “really, teacher?” Usually Korean is forbidden in the classroom, butContinue reading “Friday the 13th Sunday School”

spoons and plastic knives

Birthday party on speed this month. Not only singing, candle blowing and cake this time around. A ridiculous, spontaneous presentation on restaurant manners and how to cut with a knife and fork. When you’re five and it’s your first time outside the realm of chopsticks, eating gets a little difficult.

Rise of the leprechauns

Even though they don’t fully understood, most of them showed up to kindergarten in green, hoping to pinch someone else who had forgotten. When they asked me why we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, I had to fight off my immediate response, “so we can drink green beer,” and instead went with some line about chasingContinue reading “Rise of the leprechauns”

Extended breaks and Invisible Monsters

No regular kindy classes this morning, only the welcoming of new students. Songs. Games. Stickers. Best of all, an extended break before the arrival of the elementary students. So choosing one of the eleven chain coffee shops in the surrounding two blocks, I had a date with one of my favorite men: the strange andContinue reading “Extended breaks and Invisible Monsters”

Graduation Picture Day

Mondays are a bad day for remembering things. Today I didn’t remember I was meant to dress up for the graduation pictures. Not that I don’t normally look nice for school, but apparently today was a day inspired by mid-90’s Seattle grunge, coincidentally. Flannel shirt, no shower. Perfectly not perfect. After borrowing scarves and sweatersContinue reading “Graduation Picture Day”